is a very famous place who stand out with the quality of services. Food is something that attracts not only tourists but also locals. This is the perfect place where you can have breakfast before you start pro Samui-day adventure. According to some impressions, Baguette Bar Samui is one of the bars with the best breakfast offer in Samui. French cuisine is very zastuljena by the chef of the new restaurant. So for breakfast you can enjoy a French croissants, coffee with lots of milk and a variety of pastries.


Food and beverages represent the trademark of this place. If you ever happen to be in this restaurant, the first thing that should be placed on your table is Suppakit Good Boy, signature drink this place is known for. We will not reveal the ingredients of the drink, but we can say that its appearance is exceptional. Besides Suppakit Good Boy, do not miss the homemade omelet.

Baguette Bar Samui is very famous for its delicacies. We will mention only a few, in the first place Lemon Meringue, but also Red Velvet Cake and Lemon Peach Cake. Our personal favorite is the Chocolate Cake which is simply perfect at this place.