What is really great about eating in Koh Samui is that no matter what your budget you can still enjoy great food.

The cheapest way to eat in Koh Samui is to enjoy the local food, there are some fantastic Thai restaurants in Koh Samui where you can enjoy local dishes for as little as 50 baht a dish.

Thai people understand that we are not as used to food as spicy as they have it and most will ask you how hot you you like your food, so you can be as adventurous as you like. No matter how basic the Thai restaurants in Koh Samui look you can guarantee they will be serving fresh food.


Another great cheap eat tip is to go and enjoy one of the all you can eat BBQ’s. These hot pot restaurants are scattered around the island. Once you sit down a small BBQ will be brought over to your table . You will be provided with some stock to pour into the moat around the BBQ itself, and you cook your meed in the middle. You will find unlimited vegetables in the buffet area to put into your broth as well as garlic, chilli, spices and seasoning. The buffet offers a huge selection of different meats and fish to BBQ and you will also find a salad bar, French fries, Spring Rolls, fried rice and other tempting treats to feast on. The all you can eat BBQ’s in Koh Samui also include tea, coffee, cakes, fruit and ice cream that make it one of the best value meal deals on Koh Samui. Alcoholic drinks and non alcoholic drinks are available but they are not as cheap as the food!

Another great place to try something new and for only a few baht is at the Thai temple fairs and markets. Many of the local markets do amazing fried chicken for around 25 baht a piece that comes with sticky rice and sweet chili sauce. There is a walking street market in Meanam on Thursday nights and one in Bophut Fisherman’s village on Fridays, both have some great food stalls with all sorts of some of the most deliciously cheap eats in Koh Samui. Temple parties are good fun and also offer lots of wonderful foods, sounds, sights and smells of Thailand.


No visit to Koh Samui is complete without trying something new. There are lots of street vendors who all offer clean and fresh food as well as noodle soup shops that offer delicious noodle soup for as little as forty baht.