is the first top restaurant on the island that offers a complete range of meat specialties. There are restaurants which serve some meat dishes, but Ochos Steakhouse is the first to offer the highest quality meat specialties. Ochos is a very interesting and remarkable. Besides being known for its delicious food, setting of the restaurant is appealing and different from the usual. There is an open kitchen for ten tables, and there are two ‘community’ tables with eight seats so the guests have the opportunity to dine in the company, creating lively and interesting atmosphere in the restaurant.


Guests can have dinner outside, with a view of the beach at the romantic table for two. In addition to dishes of the imported meat, the menu offers specialties made with the local meat, specifically chicken and fish, and the large selection of side dishes. After a fantastic meat without doubt follow some of the finest desserts, such as Madagascar Vanilla Bean Crème Brûlée.