is a French restaurant with a sumptuous décor that includes very rich colors and illumination as well as comfortable seating in the restaurant. Although it is located in the house, this restaurant is among the ten best on the island.


The restaurant consists of one large area and several smaller chambers which can be described as booths. Chinese lanterns, plush pillows, various shades of red and lights – create a unique atmosphere. Exterior of the restaurant is also very pleasurably decorated, so the guests can enjoy a night on the veranda. The menu is full of typical French dishes such as rabbit in mustard and sour cream, variety of beef and lamb specialties and frog legs. Fans of different cuisine can choose chef’s pasta in Moroccan style.


There is a big board with written menu in the restaurant, so guests can make a choice more easily and decide what they like most. In addition to delicious food choices there is a phenomenal selection of wines.