the Restaurant’s chef is Martin Selby, since 2012. The atmosphere of The Larder, without noise and overly fancy elements, and cuisine which is returning to the basics, offers the rustic and relaxed fine dining.


The menu is mainly composed of the traditional British and international cuisine, which combined with classical and modern cooking methods, gives the food new flavors. Expertise of the chef Martin Selby is mainly based on simplicity, although he wishes to express his unique philosophy to the residents and tourists. Local and imported Ingredients together give a distinctive taste and provide a genuine delight. In addition to the variety of dishes, there is a variety of cocktails fresh made from the usual ingredients but also with some new and surprising additions such as chili or bacon. The desserts are very tasty like the rest of the offer and a large number is created of a broad selection of cheese.


There are three large boards in The Larder, with all the dishes recommendation, so you can easily choose the one that pleases you most.