is located in a very beautiful place that will give you a sense of tranquility and great enjoyment. The path that leads to Tree Tops is unique itself: beautiful tree crowns that lead to big rocks. This restaurant is unique for its interior because it is only made up of eight individual ‘tree-houses’ which provide completely private dining. All the “chambers” of Tree Tops are built on high stilts with the amazing view of the ocean on one hand and the natural rock formation on the other.


All dining “rooms” in the Tree Tops are designed to accommodate between two and eight guests. The cuisine is nothing less amazing than the restaurant itself, so you definitely need to taste different specialties, especially Duck 2 Ways and Foie Gras. To complete the satisfaction, you should absolutely taste some of the best desserts such as Rich Decadent Chocolate Marquise and Seasonal Fresh Berry and Papaya tartlet.