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    BAN SABAII – Since 2004

    Situated on the beautiful Bantai Beach with stunning Sunset Views.


    BAN SABAII is Open after every
    Full Moon Party,
    Halfmoon Festival,
    Blackmoon Culture,

    *Events in High Season start from 10am, right after the main party ends, and run straight through till 2am.

    *In Low Season (May to Nov) we’re open from 4pm with Sunset Chill Out.


    Other Events:
    BLUEMOON – Held every two weeks – Two days before every Full Moon Party and Blackmoon Culture…..
    A night of Progressive and Full-On PsyTrance starting from 4pm.


    ACID MOON – Held every two weeks – Two days before every Halfmoon Festival…
    A night of Deep Psychedelic Trance starting from 4pm.

    The MUSIC we offer you at BAN SABAII is STRICTLY TRANCE, varying from Slow Funky PROGRESSIVE to FULL-ON and PSYCHEDELIC, brought to you by our Resident DJ’s plus a long list of International Guests….among whom we have had the pleasure of being honored by well known Artists such as: SABAII SABAII, SCOTTY, ANTARO, PAUL TAYLOR, Mr PECULIAR, BITKIT, ZEN MECHANICS, CHICAGO (1200 MICs), HYPNOISE, EARTHLING, AHO, ITAL, MENTAL BROADCAST, PARASENSE, APHID MOON, SONIC SPECIES, SINERIDER, YAR ZAA, K.i.M, M-THEORY, NUKLEALL…and many many others.

    Our Resident Dj’s are: LEUNG, Jo MOONTRIBE, KOI, NOTE, AKA, ZIG and APNEA.

    The BAN SABAII FAMILY keeps growing Bigger and Stronger every year with more and more Beautiful Party People from all over the Globe and all sharing the same Positive Energy, simply wanting to hangout together in an atmosphere full of Love, Peace & Harmony…… and to Dance to Trance!!

    BAN SABAII is brought to you by ‘Magic Phangan Productions’, the same organization that brings you The Experience Festival.

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