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    Eastern Oriental Restaurant, located at Samui island , is now proud to offer their popular Uzbek style specialties for guests and residents. Using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients, We serve up all your favorite Uzbek classics from famous Pilaf and to Samsa! There is something for everyone at Kazan Baran. The great value , fabulous taste and variety of extensive menu is always to your pleasure…

    We are pleased to offer you the Uzbek cuisine that is extremely popular in Russia and all post-Soviet states. It involves a lot of meat, vegetables and spices. This being said, not a single dish is spicy hot.

    Tasty and unordinary
    Developed on centuries-old traditions, the Uzbek cuisine has incorporated the best recipes of the Central Asia. Try the dishes that no other world cuisine has: Uzbek manti, samosa, lagman, pilaf, Tashkent salad.

    It has been proven that lamb used in the Uzbek cuisine is the healthiest red meat. Lamb contains 3 times less fat than pork and 4 times less cholesterol. Additionally, Lamb contains a great amount of ferrous oxides and lecithin, which helps to prevent atherosclerosis.

    Our restaurant employs a chef from Uzbekistan that has 12 years of cooking experience.
    You can be sure that you will taste the authentic Uzbek cuisine.

    We have created original Uzbek interior environment in our restaurant and use dinnerware hand-painted by Uzbek craftsmen.
    Experience the Uzbekistan – visit KazanBaran restaurant.

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