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    Noiy’s story: “I’m passionate about food – I love to buy and cook and serve what I know is good and healthy.
    I love to find the freshest, most local and juiciest of fruit and vegetables.
    I never buy farmed fish or seafood.
    Some of the produce I grow myself, some I get from local farmers… some I buy in the market if it’s seasonal and organic.
    I do serve meat and chicken – but only if I can find free range.
    What you won’t find here is any MSG or other chemical enhancing agents, white sugar or polished rice.
    I use no dairy unless specified in the menu.
    We are always learning about what is good for us, and every body is different: If there’s anything you don’t eat, or anything you’d like prepared in a special way, I will try and do that for you.
    And we are happy to hear your ideas about health and well being and happy to learn from our customers.”

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