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    Irish Sports Bar very conveniently located at the end of Thong Sala ferry pier in Ko Phangan.
    After the ferry trip why not plan your stay on the island at the Harp Bar while you enjoy a warm welcome, free WiFi and a refreshing cold towel.
    Ask our friendly staff for free advice and the must see attractions on the island.

    We’re the only bar on the island with a BIG SCREEN PROJECTOR to satisfy all your live sporting needs from every country. If it’s not advertised just ask at the bar and we’ll put it on

    – Free Advice
    – Free WiFi
    – Free cold towel on arrival
    – Free Pool & Darts
    – Big screen projector showing all live sports
    – Reliable, honest motorbike hire
    – Outdoor seating
    – Best Big Brekkie on the island
    – Hangover cure smoothies

    Motorbike rental – We pride ourselves on providing a honest rental service, which unfortunately is a rarity on Ko Phangan. Please, please check repair costs before hiring a motorbike from any rental shop.

    The Harp Bar – “Your home away from home”

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